Calendar of Events

July’s Fun Events:

July 4th – Look for us in the Parade!

July 5th – Music Adventures!  Fun, interactive music class at 11 AM

July 7th – Sensory Exploration!  Lots of messy fun to be had.  This month, we’ll be visiting Safari Sam in his Desert Adventures!

July 7th – Music Adventure Camp!  2 hours of music and fun.  Snacks will be provided.  1 – 3 PM.

July 15th – Terrifically Free Tuesday and Park Play Day (11-1)

July 19th – Extra Special Night at the Children’s Museum!  Frozen themed activities and fun, plus Catching Violet Photography will be taking our pictures as we play!  Dress up nice, and be ready for great fun! Proceeds from the night will benefit CMEO’s long-time volunteer, Miss Allison Mulcare on her trip to Nationals as Miss Oregon’s Sweetheart.

July 21-23 – Grand Opening of the New Toddler Zone AND “Secrets of the Bees,” an exciting traveling exhibit that will be visiting CMEO for 3 months!

July 24th – Scribble Camp!  Lots of fun for parents and little ones ages 0-5.  We’ll explore early literacy, writing, and art development in infants and toddlers, along with lots of fun crafts and projects.

July 26th – Special Needs Family Night.