Open Doors Program

In 2009, CMEO launched its Open Doors program, enabling all families to have access to the museum regardless of their financial situation. Through reduced family memberships and Terrifically Free Tuesday (every first Tuesday of the month), CMEO is opening its doors to many low income families.

For families in crisis who lack stability and a positive atmosphere at home, the Children’s Museum of Eastern Oregon is a great place to come and experience a constructive and creative play environment. And for those families that cannot afford the small fee charged to enjoy the museum, CMEO has created the Open Doors program to provide free annual family memberships to families in need. In collaboration with various community organizations that serve low-income families and at-risk children, the Open Doors program provides families in our community with the opportunity to play, learn and build important values and skills that may lack in their family environment.

Through these initiatives, families in the greatest need of a safe place for their children have been able to participate in the museum’s programs and activities regardless of their financial abilities. By opening our doors to those in high risk, unsafe situations, we are expanding our positive impact of educational and interactive play to the greater community. The Open Doors program ensures that all members of the Eastern Oregon community have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of CMEO.

Thank you to our program supporters!

Harold and Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation
Juan Young Trust
Jubitz Family Foundation