Special Exhibits

Upcoming Special Exhibits

Our special exhibits explore exciting topics in a very in-depth way…

If you are a community organization or business that would like to partner on a themed exhibit, please get in touch with us.


Previous Special Exhibits:

A Bee’s Life – “Exploring the secrets of bees”

Bees are amazing creatures. Visit this interactive exhibit and learn more about how bees help farmers and are a key part of the ecosystem….

Stream Table

Brought to CMEO by a combined effort of the Umatilla Basin Watershed Council, the Department of Environmental Quality, and the Umatilla County Soil and Water Conservation District, our Stream Table was a fun way for kids to learn all about how water impacts our environment.  At the exhibit, children dug right in, getting their hands messy and discovering how water flow and erosion work.  Along with the Stream Table, the exhibit included a number of fun, bright posters with plenty of information for the science-minded family!


Sponsored by the City of Pendleton and inspired by our sister city Minamisoma, the Japan Exhibit gave Pendleton’s kids a peek into the lives of children in Japan, with opportunities to learn Japanese history, dress up in traditional Japanese clothing, and play with toys found in many Japanese homes!