About CMEO

Celebrating 20 Years! 1996 – 2016!

Welcome to the Children’s Museum of Eastern Oregon!  The Children’s Museum of Eastern Oregon is a not-for-profit play place, offering a wide range of educational exhibits and activities for children of all ages.  Located on Main Street in downtown Pendleton, our hands-on exhibits expose children to a world of imagination while enlightening their minds to real world learning.  We further enhance the educational experience with structured programming each month.  Our classes, camps and other special events bring the world to your child’s fingertips with an emphasis in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math through the development of fundamental skills and self-expression.  The experiences gained by you and your child at CMEO will set the foundation for a life-time of learning!

As the only children’s museum in all of Eastern Oregon, CMEO has a high impact as we bring families together through interactive play.  With over 14,000 visitors a year and over 150 memberships, many families, childcare providers, and educators in our community and throughout the region enjoy and depend on our museum to provide them with a safe, fun and educational place to enjoy with their children.  In 2009, CMEO was rated by residents in Eastern Oregon, the best museum in the East Oregonian’s “Best of Eastern Oregon” poll.

In rural Eastern Oregon, there is a lack of family oriented places for educational development and interactive play that are more commonly found in urban areas. In addition, due to school cuts, many enrichment activities have been eliminated from our region’s school districts. As the only facility of its kind in our region, CMEO bridges this gap through our educational activities, events and exhibits.  

Life is learning.  Spark your child’s interest in a lifetime of learning with a visit to CMEO!

Come in and play today!

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday – Saturday
10 am – 5 pm

Tax Exempt Status

The Children’s Museum of Eastern Oregon is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductable. The Museum is a publicly supported organization and can receive funding from foundations, businesses and individuals for the development and operation of its programs.